Monday, December 28, 2009

Dave Marsden Will Be On the Inside Scoop Tonight

With the January 12th date of the special election in the 37th Senate District rapidly approaching, Dave Marsden will be the guest on tonight's episode of the Inside Scoop. Dave was on the show back in May in an appearance that focused on the budget, last years General Assembly session, and the primaries that were being hotly contested at that point in time. While I imagine there will be similar issues discussed (especially considering all the talk about the budget right now), I definitely recommend tuning in because this will be one of the few opportunities (if not the only one) for a television audience to really get an in depth look at his campaign before the election.

I'll be in the studio tonight working as a member of the crew (as I almost always am when we're focusing on Virginia issues) and you can always watch it on Channel 10 in Fairfax County or watching it online by following this link beginning at 7. The show's an hour long (7pm to 8pm) and you can call in with any questions you might have by dialing 571.749.1166. I'll also be monitoring the comment section here if you want to talk about the show. Once it's over, I'll make sure to post video of Dave's appearance in case you weren't able to watch it live.

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