Friday, December 18, 2009

Approaching Snow Provides Reminder of What's Wrong With the Republican Leadership

It's no secret that the DC area pretty much shuts down whenever it snows. Even the hint of snow in the near future can cause a riot as everyone heads to the grocery store to make sure they have enough food in the house (hints why the Giant near my house was more crowded today than it was the day before Thanksgiving). With all the snow that's projected to come in the next few days, however, I'm reminded of the simple fact that our roads can be dangerous during snow storms. This is especially the case here in Northern Virginia where we already have horrible traffic conditions. Add in the fact that some people forget how to drive when there is bad weather and it's not a pretty picture.

What all of this really comes down to is the plain and simple fact that in snowy conditions our government must have all of the resources necessary to make sure our roads can be plowed and kept safe. The Republicans, however, are refusing to entertain the possibility of raising the revenue needed to maintain our roads and keep our transportation system going. So if you're going to be out driving this weekend simply remind yourself that the extremely partisan agenda being promoted by the Republicans is risking the programs that keep our roads safe during snow storms and other situations.

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