Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will Keith Fimian Force Even More Moderates Out of a Republican Primary?

Since his supporters didn't want to have a moderate Republican potentially defeat the tea party activist Keith Fimian during the Republican primary, they were able to create enough pressure on moderate Republican Paul Miller that he dropped out of the race. According to a statement released by Miller, the Republican establishment had also made it clear that they liked the fact that Fimian could spend millions of his own fortune to promote his message and turn out his fellow teabaggers.

As attention is beginning to shift towards the 2010 races, it appears as though there are some Republicans who aren't too happy with their party caving into a right-wing extremist like Keith Fimian. Amy Gardner, for instance, wrote a piece today that discusses how there are a lot of Republican activists who have been approaching Pat Herrity and Tim Hugo about the potential of running for Congress. Both Pat and Tim represent me (Tim's my Delegate and Pat's my supervisor) and I've gotten to know them over the years -- especially considering Pat lives right up the street from me. While I disagree with both of them on a lot of issues, they are still considerably more moderate than Fimian which is one of the likely reasons they've been approached to run for Congress.

While Herrity and Hugo might have some supporters in the community, the question now becomes whether or not the Republican establishment will let Fimian use his personal fortune to push out any potential moderate primary opponents. Based upon what happened with Paul Miller and what we've seen in other races such as NY-23, it looks like the Republicans are leaning towards promoting the tea party wing of their base so they'd much rather have a right-winger like Fimian as their nominee. The fact that he can spend his own fortune to promote his extremist agenda is just icing on the cake and suggests that moderate candidates won't have a spot in the Republican primary.

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  1. Interesting article and good read. I think the answer to this question will be whether or not the Republican Party will continue to move further to the extreme right of the party to appease then wing nuts even though they realized in NY-23 that it lead to a complete disaster. One thing that Republicans may consider is that if the keep Fimian then they won't have to put as much money into the race as others in Virginia they want to go after like Perriello.

    I think that Herrity or Hugo would actually go better against Connolly but from what we are seeing elsewhere to include Florida I wouldn't be surprised if the GOP just allows Fimian to flex his financial muscle and force any potential moderate candidate out of a potential primary!