Friday, November 13, 2009

Tea Party Activists To Burn Perriello and Pelosi in Effigy

While the Bush Administration was in power protesters were limited to "free speech zones" and anyone who disagreed with the president was declared unpatriotic. Now it appears as though the conservatives are going to extremes to express their disappointment with programs that are designed to make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. As Lowell pointed out in a post earlier today, the Danville Tea Party will be holding a rally in which they burn Rep. Tom Perriello and Nancy Pelosi in effigy. Their reasoning? A few of them asked Perriello not to vote for health care reform, but he decided to look out for the best interests of his constituents and voted in favor of HR 3962.

As people have been asking in response to so many tea party activists, where were all these protesters when President Bush was driving our country into enormous debt while continuing to give corporations and the wealth enormous tax breaks? Why is it only now that Barack Obama wants everyone to have access to health care that people are using hateful tactics to express their disappointment? Seems to be some ulterior motives behind the tea party's disgusting behavior.

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