Thursday, November 12, 2009

OFA Health Care Events Coming Up In Northern Virginia

As the debate surrounding health care reform heads to the Senate, there is still a fair amount of discussion about how to which members of the House of Representatives should be targeted as a result of their vote either for or against HR 3962. In Virginia's 11th District, for instance, there will be an event tomorrow afternoon put on by OFA that thanks Congressman Gerry Connolly for doing the right thing and voting in favor of health care reform. The event will be from 12 noon until 1pm outside of Gerry's Annandale office. With tea-party activist Keith Fimian holding rallies and trying to stir up some attention for his anti-reform agenda in recent weeks, I think the rally tomorrow represents a good opportunity to illustrate how residents of Northern Virginia value meaningful legislation more than the scare tactics and misinformation being used by the extreme right.

Not too far away from there, however, there will also be an event that targets Rep. Frank Wolf who decided to put the interest of the insurance companies before the interests of his own constituents. OFA is encouraging its supporters to stop by the offices of 32 Republican members of Congress who voted against health care reform but represent districts that voted for Obama. In a statement made earlier today, OFA Director Mitch Steward said that members like Frank Wolf are being targeted because they clearly voted against what their constituents wanted.
“Just one year ago, Americans in these congressional districts voted to send President Obama to the White House and these Republican Representatives to Congress. The message was clear in these districts: Americans want change, and they expect their Representatives to work with President Obama and reach across the aisle to help deliver it,” said OFA Director Mitch Stewart.

“Last weekend’s vote on health reform offered a clear choice to these members: Stand with your constituents and support a bill which draws upon ideas from both parties to guarantee Americans secure, affordable health coverage, or stand with the insurance companies and right wing pundits to put politics above doing the right thing. Unfortunately, these Representatives made the wrong choice.”
I'm glad to see that there is some action taking place by OFA here in Northern Virginia to follow up on the vote last week (though I know people like Chrisi West have been working hard for months now with OFA to make sure that the public is informed about what's going on in the debate). With the way things are looking in the Senate, it looks like the final bill won't be produced until the conference between the Senate and House of Representatives. These events are therefore extremely important because we need to make sure that we still have the support of everyone who voted in favor of HR 3962 (and hopefully pickup a few more) when it comes time to vote on the conference report.

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