Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Krystal Ball on MSNBC Yesterday

There are a lot of current members of the House of Representatives that have a lot of trouble getting attention from the national media. With 435 people serving in the House, the national media simply won't be giving much airtime to individual members unless they have an important message or play a crucial role in the House leadership. Since we're 7 months out from the Democratic primary in Virginia's 1st Congressional District (and a year out from the general), I think it's safe to say that Krystal Ball falls into the category of having an important message to discuss.

During her appearance on MSNBC yesterday, Krystal talked about standing up for what is right and using that as a platform instead of simply taking a position based upon what the polls are saying. She went on to also touch on topics such as how we need to work on policy that would actually create jobs all across the country, providing students with a good education, and how there is a desire to have some ethical leaders in Washington.


  1. **First, I'll preface this by saying I am fully supporting Scott Robinson in this race.**

    I'm not totally certain that she was selected to appear on the show because of her important issues to discuss or her platform as much as it is her recent national endorsements she's received and "cool" name recognition. She's spent a lot more time outside of the district compared to her opponent who has been out helping candidates in the district as best he could.

    Either way, she took advantage of an opportunity that isn't offered to most candidates so you can't knock her for that.

  2. I haven't endorsed anyone in this race as of yet, but I have to admit I've been a lot more impressed with the campaign that Krystal's running and I've been hearing a lot of other people say the same thing. I think that's part of the reason that you've seen the national endorsements come in that you're talking about Daniel.

    What this ultimately comes down to for me is that the residents of the 1st Congressional District aren't served well by Rob Wittman and he needs to be replaced by someone who will actually look out for the best interests of his/her constituents. As of right now, Krystal seems to be able to rally a lot of support, has been getting some media attention, and (most importantly) has a good platform.

    With all that being said, the primary isn't until June and a lot of things could change before then.

  3. I'm watching the race carefully, and have been very pleased with what Krystal has been accomplishing. (Plus, as I've mentioned in other blogs, Krystal Ball is just a great West Virginia-sort of name, and I'm a sucker for such things having been born in WV myself.)

    That said, I have no intention of counting Scott Robinson out. As Bryan points out, it's a long time from now until then. Let's see what these candidates can do.

  4. I'm pretty certain the 1 CD is intending on having a convention instead of a primary from everything I can read and guess. I don't believe they have the organization necessary to set up a full primary for my past following. (I lived in the district when I was in the Marine Corps) I actually can't remember the last time they had a primary as well. But this may be interesting to watch for one more reason....

    Obviously Krystal is running further to the left that Obama and Scott is definitely more of a centrist. As we say in this last Governor's race most Democrats have a very bad taste in their mouth when a candidate proclaims themselves as a moderate or centrist even though our state is no where near blue which I think we can all agree on. Obama won because NoVa and HR turnout but it's different in congressional race, very different. So, does the party or voters choose a moderate/centrist in Robinson who is probably more in line with the ideologist of the district which is pretty conservative or do they go with a candidate further left than Obama on certain issues like Krystal and see how she fares? This isn't going to be another huge turnout election and unless Obama is on the election I think it'll difficult to run strong. Hell, Obama couldn't even win the district so we can't rely on "Obama voters" if you know what I mean. I know many in the blogoshere don't want anything to do with moderate/conservative Democrats anymore but if we go to far then I think we really run the risk of becoming what the GOP is now.

    Same concept can be applied up here in the 10th CD.....Won by Obama but Frank Wolf steam rolled Judy Fedor again. Although both candidates running for the nod this year look good :)

    Who knows! Like you both said! We got time :)

  5. As I've never lived in the 1st District, I can't personally speak to this race or the voters there. But on a general level, I think there is a lot to recommend a moderate Democrat who has a positive message, a rapport with voters and a disciplined campaign. (A good personal narrative is also a big plus.) These candidates are often the bread and butter of the party, and casting them out doesn't do us or the party any long term good.

    On the other hand, speaking of that long term, there is a real role for more progressive/liberal candidates, especially, and perhaps ironically, in districts that are harder to win. Enthusiastic and energized new ideas can sometimes break through in a way that more moderate plans cannot -- moving the entire voting bloc in the direction that we, as liberals or progressives, wish the country would go. That may not bear instant fruit in any given election, but it prepares the ground work for not only a win, but real shifts in the way Americans see the world. (Probably the most obvious example is Howard Dean preparing the groundwork for Barack Obama.)

    :) And sometimes, just sometimes, you win the upset!

  6. You know, we need to get more readers of this blog to start commenting on it. It's pretty much the only place where adults can have a real, intelligent conversations. I like the fact that we don't have to deal with trolls like on a certain "America's Most Popular Statewide Blogger" website which will remain nameless :)