Monday, November 30, 2009

Gov Kaine Sets Date for Special Elections for 37th and 8th District Senate Seats

I just received a statement from Gov. Kaine stating that the special elections in the 37th and 8th Senate districts will be held on Tuesday, January 12. It has been rumored for quite awhile that this would be the date, which is actually the day before the General Assembly session starts.

“The citizens of these districts deserve to have their interests represented in the upcoming session of the General Assembly,” Governor Kaine said. “Holding these special elections on January 12 will give interested candidates time to introduce themselves to the people they hope to represent, and give voters an opportunity to make an informed decision on their next Senator.”

In regards to the candidates for the 37th Senate District, Dave Marsden was the only Democrat who filed his intention to run so he'll be the Democratic nominee. As of now it looks like Steve Hunt is the front runner for the Republican nomination, but there will be a firehouse primary tomorrow evening at Centreville High School (which is where I went to high school) from 6 to 10pm to see if he actually beats out a few other candidates who are running.

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