Monday, November 9, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist Caught Lying About His Support of the Stimulus Bill

It looks like Gov. Charlie Crist has been caught trying to win over the teabaggers. Now that the teabaggers are running a candidate against Crist in the Republican Senate primary in Florida, Crist is claiming that he never supported the stimulus. Too bad that directly contradicts what he's said on tape when the debate on the stimulus was taking place.

This is what the teabaggers are doing to the Republican Party. Through threatening to protest and run primary challenges against moderate Republicans the teabaggers are making it clear that they won't tolerate any Republican who supports meaningful legislation that might actually move our economy forward. What's making it even more interesting now is the fact that the behavior of people like Charlie Crist make it clear that there aren't very many Republicans who are willing to stand up against the extremists in the teabagger movement. It's that failure to stand up to extremists that will be the downfall of the current Republican Party.

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