Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gerry Connolly Calls On Pat Robertson to Apologize

In the time since Pat Robertson made his hate-filled comments about Islam, it's become clear that Bob McDonnell won't called Robertson out for his disgusting rhetoric. Gerry Connolly, on the other hand, has made it clear that he doesn't believe that type of hatefulness should be promoted. That is why he has called upon Robertson to apologize for his remarks in a statement that was released by his office earlier today.
“In the week since Mr. Robertson’s statement that Islam is ‘not a religion’ but a ‘violent political system’ whose adherents should be treated like members of the communist or fascist party, I have heard from hundreds of outraged Northern Virginians – Muslim and non-Muslim. Here in the 11th Congressional District of Virginia and, in fact, across our Commonwealth, Muslim-Americans are a vibrant part of our communities. They serve in our nation’s military, contribute to our economic growth, and in myriad other ways, help form the diverse tapestry that is Virginia in the 21st century.

“Some will dismiss Mr. Robertson’s comments as the strange ramblings of a man stuck in a bygone era. But when a prominent Virginian chooses to engage in hate-filled rhetoric that divides us and has the potential to fuel real discord in our polity, leaders cannot remain silent. That is why I am calling on Mr. Robertson to apologize to my constituents – Muslim and non-Muslim – for the hurt he has caused and the damage he has done. It is a week overdue.”
I agree with Gerry here when he says that the apology is long overdue. At the same time, however, I don't think we'll be hearing an apology from Robertson because he has made it clear on several occasions that he actually believes in the hate-filled rhetoric that he's used on the 700 Club. So while it would definitely be a good first step if Robertson were to apologize, I think we should also be focusing on McDonnell and making sure that he's not able to govern in a manner that incorporates the hate-filled beliefs that one of his biggest supporters (both policy wise and financially) has been actively promoting.

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