Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day Open Thread

With Election Day now upon us, I will be working out in the field for the day and likely won’t be able to get to a computer until after the polls close. I’m concentrating my efforts on the House of Delegates as there are going to be a lot of close races in Northern Virginia – including the one in the 34th District which is currently represented by Democrat Margi Vanderhye. Although I definitely encourage everyone to get out in vote today, this is extremely important for those of you who live in districts with close delegate campaigns. We need more people like Margi in the House, which means we need voters to get out to the polls and vote in favor of the commonsense solutions that so many Democratic delegate candidates are promoting.

So what’s everyone hearing? If you’ve already voted, how long were the lines at your polling location? What’s the mood in your community about the election? Treat this as an open thread to discussion election day and the races going on in Virginia and other parts of the country.

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