Friday, November 13, 2009

David Englin Elected Vice Chair of House Democratic Caucus

During the Brigades meeting last night I had several conversations with grassroots activists who spoke about the work they had done to get David Englin elected to the House of Delegates back in 2005. They brought this up as way of pointing out some of the elected officials we have in Virginia who truly have garnered a lot of grassroots support. For those of you who didn't already know this, David won a 6 way Democratic primary when he ran for the House and was able to win largely due to the large number of grassroots volunteers who put in countless hours for his campaign. In the time since he was first elected, David has stayed true to the values he promoted during the campaign which has resulted in him having a loyal grassroots base. That is why there are so many activists who extremely pleased to read a tweet from Del. Adam Ebbin announcing that David has been elected by the House Democratic caucus to serve as vice-chair.
Dem House Caucus just reelected officers w/ addition of David Englin as Vice Chair. Congrats David.
I find it very interesting that activists found out about David's new role through twitter. In my humble opinion, it's very fitting that a tool that so many activists use to coordinate their activities was also used to announce that David had been elected Vice-Chair as it's just a small example of how the grassroots can actually influence the political discussion. Above all else, however, I want to join Del. Ebbin in congratulating David. The Democratic caucus was very smart to elect Englin as vice chair and I strongly believe that he'll do a lot of good in his new leadership position.


  1. Very good news indeed ... David and the caucus have a lot of work ahead of them to counter the radical right GOP tide washing over Virginia

  2. This is very pleasant and welcoming news for all Virginia Democrats. David performed extremely well in his election and he had an incredible ground game and grassroot effort his you mentioned. We definitely have a lot of work ahead of us in regards to the House of Delegates to include looking ahead and start thinking about candidates to get back some of those seats that are ours.