Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brian Moran Sends Out Fundraising Email for Dave Marsden

As I've repeatedly said, endorsements only help candidates if the person making the endorsement is willing to actually do something for the candidate. Well, here we see that Brian Moran is taking one step in helping Dave Marsden's campaign for state Senate by sending out a fundraising email. Whether or not you supported Brian in the gubernatorial primary, there is no denying that he is a progressive who had a large following because of his hard work on behalf of the working class. He also had a lot of support among the Democratic base here in Northern Virginia, which means that his email might be able to get a few extra volunteers for the Marsden campaign in addition to some donations. Both of these accomplishments would be extremely important in a special election that will have low turnout.

I've heard several members of Marsden's campaign team speak about how the Senate is now the only check on the Republicans and that it's extremely important for us to pick up this seat and increase the Democratic majority. Dick Saslaw even spoke about this at the Democratic State Central Committee meeting down in Staunton over the weekend and joked about how his majority is so slim (it's 21 to 19) that he gets worried if one of his members gets "the sniffles." It therefore wasn't too surprising to see that Brian Moran hinted at this in his email to supporters.
On January 12th, there will be a special election in Fairfax County for the State Senate to replace former Senator Ken Cuccinelli. I am asking you to support Dave’s candidacy, and help us keep the State Senate in Democratic hands.

It is imperative that we win this race. With Bob McDonnell and the Republicans sweeping into office this year, the Senate is now the only check on their right wing agenda. We need and deserve a strong local leader to come through for us on transportation, school funding, and fiscal responsibility.

Dave is ready for the challenge – but he needs your help. He is a strong advocate for transportation solutions, school funding, and sound fiscal policies.
All in all, Brian is absolutely correct in stressing the importance of this race. Considering the fact that redistricting is coming up, the decisions being made in Richmond during this term could have a direct impact on the ability for Virginians to have proper representation for the next ten years. I therefore encourage everyone to do what they can to join Brian Moran and so many others in helping Dave Marsden win on January 12.

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