Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogs Cause Teabaggers to Cancel Rally Burning Tom Perriello in Effigy

I wrote a post last week about how the Teabaggers were planning to burn Tom Perriello and Nancy Pelosi in effigy. It now appears as though the teabaggers have decided to cancel their hateful act. According to Greg Sargent, the head of the Tea Party in Danville, Nigel Coleman, said that the owner of the land the teabaggers were going to use will no longer let them use the land. And in a sign of the power of the blogosphere, Coleman is claiming that the attention the "liberal blogs" brought to the event played a role in the land owner's decision.
“We will not be going forward with the plan,” a crestfallen Coleman told me by phone moments ago. “We had to cancel it. The property owner won’t allow us to do it. The media attention was something that he didn’t want.”

Coleman said he was upset that people had gotten the wrong idea about his plan. “I’m disappointed that the story got out of hand and people misinterpreted something we thought would be a little historical lesson. They made people believe that we were committing an act of violence,” he said, adding that the “they” in question were the “liberal blogs.”
What's amazing is that Coleman claims he simply didn't expect there to be so many people who were horrified by the groups willingness to use such hateful tactics. The fact that he didn't expect any type of backlash for using hateful tactics like burning people in effigy, however, simply goes to show how out of touch with the general public the teabaggers really are. Since there are some members of the mainstream media who like to portray the teabaggers as people with some commonsense, it's good to see that the blogs are powerful enough to draw attention to the fact that the tea party activists are indeed out of the mainstream and are willing to do whatever it takes to promote their extremist views.

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