Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Washington Post Endorsed Steven Shannon for AG

The Washington Post has endorsed Steve Shannon for Attorney General. While the post has made it clear in several of its past endorsements that they faced a difficult decision over who they should endorse, this editorial seemed to suggest that there wasn't much struggle. The Post correctly highlights how Ken Cuccinelli has made it clear that he would take his extremist philosophy with him into the AG's office while Steve Shannon would actually lead the AG's office in a nonpartisan manner.
Mr. Shannon, who has a weakness for wonkish legalese, may not come across as a worldbeater, but there is no doubt he would run the attorney general's office, with its 166 lawyers, as a serious, nonpartisan agency. As a prosecutor in Fairfax County, Mr. Shannon focused on busting purveyors of child pornography. With his wife, he had previously founded the Metropolitan Washington Amber Alert program, a local chapter of a nationwide system for locating abducted children. As attorney general, Mr. Shannon would steer a responsible course on consumer protection, the environment and the advisory legal opinions that the office is frequently asked to render.
I wholeheartedly agree with the Post's endorsement in this race. I've known Steve for years and have publicly supported him for AG since before he even officially started his campaign. In these next few weeks, however, it's critically important that people get out and work hard for Steve's campaign. With most of the attention going to the gubernatorial race, not as many people know a whole lot about this race and that's why the final GOTV efforts are going to be extremely critical. If you want to sign up to do some volunteer work for Steve's campaign you can sign up by filling out the form out his website. The volunteer page also has the contact information for his field director if you prefer to call.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, this endorsement comes on the same day that Shannon's campaign manager will be live-blogging over at Blue Virginia. So if you want to dive more into some of the details of the campaign while making your decision about who to support I'd highly recommend heading over to Blue Virginia at 2pm to ask Mike Henry some questions about the race.

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