Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peggy Frank Endorsed by Local Educators

I strongly believe that we need to make sure that Virginians have access to a high quality education. Not only will this allow students to better themselves, but a well educated workforce will also attract businesses which will result in more jobs for the local community. That is why I'm pleased to see that Peggy Frank, who is running for the House of Delegates from the 7th District, is announcing the group "Educators for Frank" that's comprised of 29 educators who work in the 7th District (which includes Radford and part of Montgomery and Pulaski Counties).
“I am proud to have the support of these educators who share my commitment to our children’s future,” said Frank. “As a graduate of Virginia’s public schools and the mother of three children who attended Virginia’s public schools I am a strong believer in public education. Unfortunately, Virginia ranks 37th in state per pupil education funding and our teachers are paid almost $5,000 below the national average. Protecting public education funding will be one of my priorities in the House of Delegates,” Frank continued.

“As an educator, I am confident that Peggy Frank is the best education candidate for the 7th District. She shares our commitment to serve our children and I am proud to endorse Peggy Frank today,” said Bonnie Sumner, a Montgomery County educator.

“The contrast between Peggy Frank and her opponent, Dave Nutter, could not be any clearer,” observed Frank’s Campaign Manager, Brandon Bull. “Nutter’s average rating from the Virginia Education Association over the last two years is 63%. If he were still in school that would be a D-minus. Peggy Frank’s support for public education is unwavering, as represented by her strong support today from educators who work serving the 7th House District,” Bull concluded.
Over at NLS, Ben ranked this race as "Likely Republican" and claimed that "a miracle" was needed for Frank to win the race. I'd agree that as it stands right now the race is leaning Republican, but I don't think it would take "a miracle" for Frank to win this race. In the final weeks of this campaign a good GOTV effort could really prove to make the difference, especially since I expect there to be relatively low turnout in the district. With things such as "Educators for Frank" being formed there is no doubt in my mind that Peggy's message is resonating with folks and now the struggle is simply to make sure enough of her supporters get out to the polls. I therefore strongly encourage people who live in Southwest VA to do what they can to help Peggy's campaign.

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