Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Open Thread

There's obviously been a lot of developments in the races here in Virginia as election day is a week away. Unfortunately, the polls suggest that Creigh Deeds is down by double digits -- PPP has him down by 15 points and SurveyUSA has him down by 17. On top of that, the Republicans are leading in the other two statewide campaigns by similar margins. If there's any good news, I have been talking to voters about some of the delegate campaigns and many of the Democratic incumbents in Northern Virginia do have the support of their constituents, but it looks like the GOTV programs in the final weeks are going to be even more important than usual.

More to come later, but feel free to treat this as an open thread in the meantime.


  1. Any thoughts on whether or not the awesome ground campaigns of the House candidates are going to help the statewide candidates? I guess it's assumed that the statewide candidates help the down ballot races but there could be a case of vice versa!

    The one thing worrying me about the 86th is that I can see there being Deeds-Rust voters but I don't see too many McDonnell-Miller voters! It'll be close and I'll be working the polls that morning!

  2. In a year when turnout is likely to be low and there isn’t much excitement about the top of the ticket, I think it definitely helps to have a strong candidate in a close race at the local level. Will that be enough to overcome the lack of excitement about some of the candidates at the top of the ticket? I don’t know, but it’ll definitely do some good. After all, if a person is considering not voting it will help them to see that their own neighborhood will be directly impacted by one of the races on the ballot. That is why it’s so important for people to volunteer for Delegate campaigns and remind voters what’s at stake in their own community.