Thursday, October 15, 2009

McDonnell Won't Renew Ban on Discrimination Against LGBT Workers

Bob McDonnell has already run into a lot of trouble because he wrote that working women are "detrimental" to society, but it now appears as though he's still refusing to stand up for equality. In an interview with a local paper in Lynchburg, McDonnell said that he wouldn't renew the executive order that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation for people seeking employment. In a prime example of how extreme McDonnell truly is, he even claimed that "it would be illegal to carry [the executive order] forward."

While considering just how extreme McDonnell's remarks are, it's important to note that all the executive order says is that a qualified candidate shouldn't be denied a job solely based on the person's sexual orientation. It wouldn't force state agencies to hire anyone if they were unqualified or if there were better candidates, but simply says that a person's sexual orientation cannot disqualify someone for receiving the position. Nonetheless, McDonnell claims that protecting someone from discrimination "would be illegal." That is simply inexcusable and truly helps to illustrate how McDonnell has not changed since the arguments he made about working women.

In addition to the news that we have yet another example of his extremism, it's also worth noting that McDonnell has once again been the person to make the story about his controversial views. When the news about his thesis gained attention for arguing that working women are "detrimental" to the family, reporters investigated the thesis because he brought it up in an interview with the Washington Post. Now that we learn that he thinks it "would be illegal" to stand against discrimination, it was once again McDonnell's own response to reporters that drew attention to his extremism. This indicates that he's simply proud of his comments and beliefs on these issues even though the vast majority of commonsense Virginians find them offensive.

Another interesting aspect of his comments is that it clearly indicates how he would govern if elected. When you looked at his record as Attorney General and previous legislative experience it was painfully obvious that he was implementing the blueprint for government that he laid out in the thesis that called working women "detrimental" and would likely do the same thing if he became governor. After all, he hadn't done anything that would suggest otherwise. In these remarks calling it "illegal" to stand against discrimination, however, he admits that he would specifically break the tradition of issuing an executive order that bans discriminating against job applicants.

While McDonnell tries to cast himself as a moderate when talking to voters, it's becoming increasingly clear that he is still the same extremist that claimed working women are "detrimental" to society. Virginians went to the polls last year to express their support for a presidential candidate that spoke about hope for all Americans. Now it appears as though Bob McDonnell wants to be governor and implement practices that would specifically take away hope for hard working and highly qualified Virginians.

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