Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gerry Connolly Goes After Republican Health Care Policy on House Floor

We need more members of Congress to be vocal in their support of true health care reform and to stand up to the Republicans who will cheer when the US doesn't get the Olympics at the same time that they refuse to support health care reform that will truly benefit the general public. Fortunately, one of Virginia's own members of Congress was willing to aggressively go after the Republicans for promoting policies which would "“allow health care premiums to double over the next decade, add more than two-thirds to out-of-pocket expenses for individuals and families whose premiums and deductibles grew three times faster than their wages over the last 10 years, and push more families to the brink of financial ruin…”

During his speech on the floor of the House he also said Congress "must deliver reform that will make health care more affordable and accessible, cap out-of-pocket expenses, stop cherry-picking based on pre-existing conditions, and protect our small businesses from crippling costs.” He also highlighted how the Republicans have a policy in place that which would allow discrimination based upon pre-existing conditions. What makes this absolutely horrific is the plan and simple fact that in 8 states this means companies could continue denying coverage to survivors of domestic violence because they consider being a victim of domestic violence a pre-existing condition.

The Republicans who support these types of policies deserve to be called out on their tactics. I'm glad to see that my Congressman, Rep. Gerry Connolly, was willing to call them out on their despicable behavior.

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