Saturday, September 19, 2009

Video: Values Voters Don't Want Reporters Covering Their Summit

Now this is rather interesting. Folks who have been spending their summer shouting down their fellow citizens at town halls and claiming that the media isn't covering the whole story are now trying to disrupt invited reporters who are trying to give air time to the values voter summit. It's almost like the people who are coming up to the reporters are afraid that the outside world might actually gain access to the top secret rituals that are practiced at the summit if a reporter actually gives a live report.

In all seriousness though, I've been at plenty of events where reporters are giving live reporters and I have never had them distract my ability to listen to the speakers on stage. In my experience, that's because the reporters usually speak in extremely hushed tones and the live reports only last for a few minutes anyways. By standing up and creating a scene, however, these people are actually creating a distraction well beyond what some whispering might cause. In all reality, they are therefore doing the very thing they are complaining about.

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