Thursday, September 17, 2009

Video: Nancy Pelosi Warns of Rhetoric Leading to Violence

Nancy Pelosi spoke this afternoon about how some of the rhetoric that's being used could lead to violence. In a sign of how she is genuinely worried about this, she chocked up as she referenced the murder of Harvey Milk during the 1970's and the violent rhetoric that lead up to that tragedy. I think it's important to note hear that Pelosi is absolutely not saying that we cannot have a productive discussion. Instead, what she's saying is that the hate speech that is being used and promoted by so many people has the potential to lead to violence.

I most definitely have to agree with Pelosi's statement. I have to admit that I was absolutely shocked at some of the rhetoric that was being used by some of the people attending the townhall held in Reston a few weeks ago and there were several times when I thought there might be some sort of riot inside the gymnasium. As I was leaving that evening I actually was told by a police officer that there were some fights outside the building while the event was taking place. Unfortunately, there are many leaders who not only refuse to distance themselves from this type of behavior but actually are encouraging the rhetoric and using it themselves.

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