Monday, September 28, 2009

Video: John Jennison's School Board Campaign Event

Over the weekend there was an event for John Jennison's campaign for a seat on the Fairfax County School Board. It was noticeable that while there were a variety of people there who are active in the political community (such as Gerry Connolly, Chap Petersen, and a few members of the Board of Supervisors), the crowd also was filled with people who have worked with John in various community organizations. I thought this was very telling because it indicated to me that John has built up a reputation among community members as someone who people can count on to do what's right for the community.

The school board is an environment where we need leaders like that because the vast majority of the issues being dealt with on the board should be non-partisan. For instance, parent isn't going to necessarily care what his/her political party is promoting when it comes time to things like the bus schedule or the boundaries for a certain school because they are going to want what's best for their children. We therefore need people to serve on the school board who know their communities well and are knowledgeable about the educational issues that the neighborhoods face. I think that's why so many people have looked at the experience that John has and realized he would make an excellent member of the School Board.

The following video will give you a glimpse into what John spoke about at the event.

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