Sunday, September 27, 2009

Video: Gerry Connolly Speaks About Historic Preservation While At Centreville Days

Despite the rain that was coming down for most of the afternoon yesterday, there was a decent size crowd in historic Centreville yesterday for Centreville Days. There were a few politicians who were at the event yesterday including Del. Tim Hugo and Rep. Gerry Connolly, both of whom I was able to speak with briefly as they were greeting constituents. Although I didn’t personally see him there, it was rumored that Ken Cuccinelli was also in attendance.

As I was talking with people in the crowd, many people mentioned how they enjoyed the fact that they were able to see some of the historic aspects of Centreville which were in the immediate area. Between the walking tours of the historic portion of Centreville and the Civil War education booth, it gave many people a glimpse into aspects of their community that they didn’t know previously existed. As someone who got his BA in history and is extremely interested in the Civil War, I was very pleased to hear about some of the preservation efforts that members of the local Civil War Roundtable were fighting for in Centreville and the surrounding area.

Another person who expressed some interest in the preservation work that was taking place was Rep. Gerry Connolly who took a moment to talk with me about Centreville Days and the preservation work that was taking place around us. I found it very fascinating that Gerry was so interested in the work that was being done in the field of historic preservation because it's not a topic that people usually associate with members of Congress. The folks from the local Civil War Roundtable also picked up on this and were pleased that their Congressman realized the importance of studying history and making sure future generations are able to learn about their local community's past.

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