Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video: Gerry Connolly Featured On CNN

Now I don't exactly know why they're calling the 11th CD conservative (it's been represented by moderates of both party essentially since it was formed), but I think it's rather interesting that CNN is doing a profile on a freshman member of Congress. Simply based on the number of blast emails I've received and conversations I've had with Congressional staffers, I am confident that there are many more senior members of Congress who would have liked the chance to have a story featuring their views on health care reform.. To me it seems to suggest that they believe Gerry Connolly is going to be a force to be reckoned with -- perhaps he already is since his colleagues elected him president of the freshman class.

Another interesting point is that he joins Jim Webb and others in claiming that the president could have shown some more leadership on laying out some of the specifics of what he wanted to see in the health care reform bill. I think the increasing number of Democrats in Congress who are criticizing the president's handling of health care reform truly goes to illustrate the importance his speech to the joint session of Congress.

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