Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Open Thread

Labor Day weekend is often viewed as the time when the general public starts paying attention to campaigns so it shouldn't be too surprising that all three Democrats running for statewide office this year will be making appearances together this weekend. Today Steve Shannon, Jody Wagner, and Creigh Deeds will all be joined by Gov. Tim Kaine at both the Democratic rally in Dublin, VA at 3pm and the banquet in Harrisonburg this evening. At the event in Dublin they will also be joined by Congressman Rick Boucher (D-9th District). I think these events could be important in the long run because they could serve as a useful way to get volunteers excited, which is what we need because it's volunteers who ultimately do a lot of the work that's needed to win an election.

On the national scene the debate surrounding health care reform continues to be the hot topic, which can be seen in the guests on the Sunday morning talk shows. David Axelrod, for instance, will be on Meet the Press in order to discuss how Obama will be moving forward on the issue. It'll be interesting to see if he says anything concrete about the public option. With Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress coming up, one of my first thoughts after hearing that Axelrod would be on the show was that he's at least partially making the appearance in order to test out some positions and see what type of reaction they get.

What else are people hearing this holiday weekend?

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