Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steve Shannon Has $1.6 Million Cash on Hand

With the fundraising numbers due today I've been receiving a lot of numbers from the various campaigns. Among the campaigns sending along very good news is Steve Shannon's campaign for Attorney General. In addition to raising over $534,000 in July and August, Steve also has more than $1.6 million cash on hand. The cash on hand numbers are impressive not only because it means that they are probably saving up money to do lots of advertising (and perhaps even some on network TV in NOVA), but it's also double the amount that his opponent reported earlier. As Steve hinted at while reflecting on the numbers, it also indicates that he has a campaign and set of ideas that people truly believe is worth investing in.
“Once again I am honored by the strong support I have received from thousands of Virginians from Martinsville to Mount Vernon who have responded to my plan to make Virginia safer by cracking down on gangs, drunk driving and Internet predators who target our kids. With their support I will be able to continue running a strong campaign and communicating my public safety vision across Virginia."
While these numbers are definitely a good sign, the polls are still showing that Steve has a lot of work to do if he wants to beat Cuccinelli. If he's able to use this money on a good advertising blitz during the final weeks and is able to put forward a good ground game, then the race is still winnable but that must essentially begin immediately. Adding to the difficulty that he faces is the plain and simple fact that most people are paying attention to the gubernatorial campaign and the downballot races are having a lot of difficulty getting attention from the press. The advertising and field campaigns are therefore going to be the primary source of information for voters in the AG race.


  1. Hmmm, I posted a comment but it didn't show up :(

  2. OK, like I posted early but it failed I'll repost. As I was saying this race is one that should really concern labor folks. As an executive board member of a labor union I know that all it takes to ruin our organizing efforts in Virginia is a crazy Attorney General like Cooch is going to be.

    This most recent poll that came out makes me feel a little better not because of the close five point lead by Cooch but rather the amount of undecided voters (35%) So the media blitz they are planning will hit at just the right time. I am hoping that the amount of public safety support that Steve has as well as his experience as a prosecutor will really hit home to a lot of moderate and independent voters in Northern Virgina. I would like may a dicussion as to the strategy he is planning to use to win. I'm assuming it'll be getting as much as he can out of Hampton Roads and NoVa. I don't know...I love Steve but I'm hoping the problems experienced on the uppper portion of the ticket won't hinder his chances!