Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paul Nichols Announces Creation of "Veterans and Military Families for Nichols"

Delegate Paul Nichols is one of the incumbent Democrats who have a close race this year. As the election approaching, however, a number of well respected members of the community have expressed their support for the work that Nichols has done during his time in the House of Delegates. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that he was joined by Bruce Holley, a Marine who served in the Korean War, and several other veterans during a press conference in Woodbridge yesterday. The veterans were there to express their support for Nichols work on legislation such as a Military Veterans and Personnel Bill of Rights in 2008 and to announce the formation of “Veterans and Military Families for Nichols.”
“All Americans, but especially those of us who are honored to serve in public office, have a solemn obligation to provide for our nation’s veterans and military families,” Nichols said. “In the House, I have fought to expand educational opportunities for our veterans, cut taxes for those who serve, and protect our military from fraud and abuse. Protecting our veterans is not about politics, it is about our responsibility to give back to those who safeguard our freedom.”

“A lot of politicians talk about serving our veterans and military families, but Paul Nichols has actually been there for us,” Holley said. “Paul fought to end the ongoing credit fraud that preyed on our veterans and he made sure we lowered the tax burden on military families who are struggling to get by. Paul has earned the trust of our military because he has honored us through his service in Richmond.”
What I really like about this endorsement is that it wasn’t simply an event that was designed to get press attention. It truly was to announce a group of veterans who will work towards educating residents of the 51st district about all the work that Nichols has done on military and veterans’ issues. Since there are a large number of active and retired members of our armed forces who live in Nichols’ district, the creation of this group could prove to be very important done the line if the election is as close as the numbers I’ve seen suggest.

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