Thursday, September 3, 2009

McDonnell's Blueprint for Governing Impacts House of Delegates Races

The controversy surrounding Bob McDonnell's thesis has most definitely been growing as more and more people hear about the horrible ideas that the Republican's gubernatorial candidate has been promoting. After all, most reasonable people don't believe that working women are "detrimental" to society or that people who use contraception should be charged with a felony. Nonetheless, Bob McDonnell argued in favor of those ideas in a thesis he wrote in his mid-thirties and has been working towards promoting those and other extremist ideas throughout his political career.

While McDonnell has desperately been trying to change the subject, it appears as though the controversy will have an impact on other races as well. Members of local communities want to know if the Republicans running for the House of Delegates support the ideas of their party's leader. John Bell pointed out that his opponent, Bob Marshall, has a history of supporting extreme positions and thought everyone should know what Marshall's position on the thesis. Now Stevens Miller's campaign has released a statement which highlights some of the votes that Tom Rust has taken which suggests he supports at least some portions of McDonnell's ultra-conservative ideas. Since Rust has those horrifying votes and hasn't spoken out against the thesis, many people are assuming he plans on following the blueprint laid out in McDonnell's manifesto.
“The women of Northern Virginia deserve to know that their rights to advance in the workplace earn equal pay for equal work and have access to contraception will be in imminent danger under a McDonnell-Rust platform,” said Shaun Daniels, Miller for Delegate campaign manager. “There’s no doubt that McDonnell’s blueprint for an anti-women’s rights Virginia is too extreme for the residents of Herndon and Sterling. Stevens Miller condemns this agenda and he also condemns McDonnell’s and Rust’s attempts to hide their record and present themselves as moderates.”

“Tom Rust has been a key ally of McDonnell’s during their time working side-by-side in Richmond,” Daniels said. “The issues that Rust and McDonnell would concentrate on in the coming years won’t work towards any new jobs or roads. If Rust and McDonnell had their way, McDonnell’s cringe-worthy manifesto could become reality and the entire commonwealth would take two giant leaps backwards.”
After voting for things like drastically cutting funds for the "FAMIS Moms program, which provides medical coverage to low-income pregnant women who meet financial eligibility requirements," Tom Rust has already been following parts of McDonnell's blueprint and who knows what he'll do if McDonnell is elected governor.

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