Monday, September 7, 2009

Kos on Countdown Talking About Support for Public Option

Kos was on Keith Olbermann talking about the broad support for a public option. For all those members of Congress who are saying that they are struggling with what to do on the public option, I think the message here is very important. Not only is the public option the only option being considered that represents true reform, but it also has the support of a strong majority of Americans.


  1. Majority support? Only in the cloudcuckooland inhabited by Kos and Olbermann.

  2. James, so sorry the facts got in the way of your argument. Did you happen to notice the respected polls that were highlighted all putting support solidly above 50%

  3. Facts? Respected?!?!? From media utterly in the bag for President Barry? I guess cloudcuckooland has one more inhabitant than I thou... never mind. I know you're in the same cloudcuckooland.

    It is no doubt the same one that bought into the lie that Medicare would never cost more than $10 billion.