Saturday, September 19, 2009

Humane Society Endorses McDonnell and Shannon, Slam Cuccinelli

As we are about 45 days away from Election Day, there's been a number of groups who have started rolling out their endorsement in the statewide races. One of those is the Humane Society, which endorsed Bob McDonnell and Steve Shannon. While I disagree with the Humane Society's choice for governor, I think the fact that they endorsed members of both parties helps to show that they aren't partisan and will endorse candidates who they truly believe will best serve Virginians. This is further emphasized by the fact that they didn't even endorse in the Lt. Governor race (perhaps a sign that neither candidate stood out and that they wouldn't endorse unless they truly supported a candidate).

Another interesting aspect of the endorsement was that while they had a lot of good things to say about McDonnell, they didn't have anything bad to say about Creigh Deeds. In fact, they didn't even mention him at all in the press release. When it came to the AG race, however, they not only highlighted the good work that Steve Shannon has done but they pointed out how Ken Cuccinelli has an absolutely horrible record.
In the race for attorney general, HSLF backs Steve Shannon, who has also been an advocate of the humane treatment of animals. As a member of the House of Delegates, Shannon was a co-patron of legislation to upgrade the animal fighting law, and has supported a wide range of bills to protect pets and other animals. His opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, has often stood nearly alone in the Senate as an opponent of modest and mainstream animal protection reforms. Cuccinelli was one of only two senators to vote against a stronger animal fighting law (SB 1190, Feb. 2, 2007), and one of only three to oppose restrictions on large-scale puppy mills (HB 538, March 4, 2008).

"It would be a major setback for the commonwealth’s top law enforcement officer to be a person like Ken Cuccinelli who opposed having animal protection laws on the books in the first place," Markarian said. "Steve Shannon’s support for the humane treatment of animals stands in stark contrast to Ken Cuccinelli’s obstinate and extreme views. Voters who want a common-sense and mainstream approach to animal protection enforcement should support Steve Shannon for attorney general."
I think the Humane Society really gets at how Cuccinelli truly doesn't have the qualities that Virginians should expect from their Attorney General. Between this and the crazy video that the Cuccinelli campaign put out earlier this week, one would hope that more people would catch onto the fact that Ken's simply out of touch with mainstream values here in Virginia. Unfortunately, recent polls suggest that his political ability to hide his extremism has created resulted in the Shannon campaign having some work left if Steve Shannon is going to become our next Attorney General.

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  1. Very solid endorsement and you really hit the nail on the head with the importance of this endorsement. While I think we all disagree on their decision for Governor but I do understand it considering McDonnell was able to take advantage of being the Attorney General at the time of the Michael Vick prosecutions. They have no problem with Creigh but just feel McDonnell is better. I think if Creigh had been Attorney General it would be different.

    Now, the Humane Society no only did their homework in looking at the legislative records of both candidates wanting to become our Commonwealth's top law enforcement officer. I seriously doubt there was much debate given the records between the two. What bothers me is we really don't know why Ken Cuccinelli didn't support this "common sense" legislation that had overwhelming bi partisan support. I am sure that it's based on his crazy political beliefs and as an animal lover that is really shameful! Since he has never been in public safety he doesn't know that criminals don't care about politics!

    I think if there has been any example of why we need someone with experience as a prosecutor this is it! No one can say this organization is an extension of either political party given their endorsements this election year.