Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Open Thread

It appears as though Creigh Deeds is focusing on visiting businesses today in Northern Virginia. After visiting various sites in Occoquan and Leesburg, he'll be visiting some businesses just a few miles away from my home in the Centreville/Clifton area. In Centreville he will be visiting the Grand Mart and the Sikgaek Restaurant around 5:15pm, both of which are extremely popular with the Korean community in the area. After the stops in Centreville, Creigh will heading to Manassas to meet with some teachers before heading to the Osbourne Park High School's football game.

I wonder what Bob McDonnell would have to say to all of the women who work at the businesses that Creigh's visiting today. McDonnell's thesis, after all, argued that working women are "detrimental" to society.

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