Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creigh Deeds on Forbes Naming Virginia the Best State for Business

With the news that Virginia had been the best state for business for the fourth year in a row by Forbes, Creigh put out a statement that highlight how he's proud to have been part of a bipartisan group that worked with Warner and Kaine to set policies that have helped Virginia receive the recognition.
“I’m proud to have worked with Governors Warner and Kaine and Republican leaders like John Chichester to make Virginia the best state for business. Thanks to our bipartisan work, Virginia has consistently been recognized for our fiscal responsibility and good governance.

“In 2004, I worked with Governor Warner and a bipartisan coalition to pass budget reform that saved Virginia’s Aaa bond rating and made record investments in education. My opponent stood on the side of fiscal irresponsibility.

“The next governor will be in charge of keeping our economy moving forward, as we weather tough economic times. As Governor, I will keep Virginia as the best state to do business. My opponent’s record shows that he will not.”
There is no doubt that Virginia has managed to do better than other states during this economic downturn, but there are still many Virginia families who are struggling to get by. That is why it's important to have a governor like Creigh Deeds who has a history of actually listening to the concerns of his constituents. At a time like this, we literally cannot afford to have Bob McDonnell win so that he can spend the next four years continuing his career long quest to implement the right wing agenda that was laid out his blueprint for governing.

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