Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob McDonnell Must Think This Family's EXTREMELY "Detrimental" To Society

Although there was some question about whether or not they had collected enough signatures after there was a relatively high error rate, the Maine Secretary of State certified yesterday that the anti-gay folks had collected enough signatures to get the measure to repeal marriage equality on the ballot. With that being said, both sides will have to get things going very quickly as the election day is rapidly approaching and Maine has absentee voting laws that will allow people to start voting in about a month.

Here is one of the ads that will be hitting the airways which touches on how a same sex couple can do a fabulous job of raising a child. Of course, anyone who's been following the extremism promoted by the GOP would know Bob McDonnell would tell this family that they are extremely "detrimental" to society since there are two working women who are in a same-sex relationship. According to McDonnell's thesis, that's a double whammy and the government must do something about it.

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