Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexandria Resident Barbara Keenan Nominated To 4th Circuit Court

President Obama has nominated Barbara Keenan to the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit. Keenan currently serves on the Virginia State Supreme Court and lives in Alexandria. After Sen. Warner and Sen. Webb recommended Keenan for the position a few months ago, I called around to speak with lawyers who practice in various fields and the vast majority had a lot of respect for Keenan and thought she would make an excellent judge on the Circuit Court.

Another interesting bit of information is that if she is confirmed by the Senate, Keenan would be the first female from Virginia to serve on the federal appeals court. As Gov. Kaine highlights in a statement made yesterday, this bit of history couldn't go to a better person as Keenan is extremely well qualified.
“Justice Barbara Keenan is the ideal combination of intellect and judicial temperament. With her impeccable credentials and experience in multiple Virginia courts, Justice Keenan is well-suited for a judgeship in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. In nearly three decades on the bench, Justice Keenan has earned the respect of her colleagues and the broader legal community for her balanced and thoughtful judgment in cases both clear and complicated.

“I have personally known Justice Keenan to be a balanced and thorough arbiter—her nomination today is good news for Virginia and good news for this important court. I am confident she will continue to wield justice fairly and equitably as a 4th Circuit judge.
There's always a lot of attention given to the Supreme Court nominees, but I believe that nominations to Circuit courts are also extremely important even if they aren't covered as often by the mainstream media. For that reason I'm glad to see that Obama has made a wise selection here that is being well received in both the Senate and among Virginians who know her well.

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