Monday, September 28, 2009

ACORN Coverage Is an Example of Republicans Winning Messaging Battles

There's been a lot of coverage by the mainstream media about how the Republicans claim that ACORN is supposedly an evil corrupt organization that is engaged in voter fraud and is trying to advance socialism. Unfortunately, there hasn't been many reports that discuss how the voter fraud allegations are completely false and were trumpeted by right wing politicians because the organization helps lower income families (a group of people who, generally speaking, tend to vote Democratic).

Fortunately, there was some light shined on this by Rachel Maddow during one of her recent shows. This segment helps to illustrate how the Republicans have had a very clear messaging victory here as they've been able to take a group that stands up for working families and make people believe that they are up to no good. In fact, the messaging has worked so well that even Democrats joined their cause when they took away some of the funding that ACORN was receiving to help low income families.

This is important because the Republicans have a very good messaging machine in place and have been getting victories like this a lot recently. By having a united front of people who continuously repeat lies about things like false allegations of voter fraud or the threat that the government would supposedly create death panels, the Republicans have managed to hack away at the popularity at programs that the Democrats have been proposing. The lesson that comes out of this is that the Democrats need a stronger united front about why their initiatives are in the best interests of the general public. The messaging has been improving as of late in some areas, but the coverage of ACORN clearly illustrates how there's a lot more work to be done.

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