Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Anniversary

Since I grew up (and still live) in the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC, I know many families who have at least one loved one who works in the Pentagon. Needless to say I remember quite vividly how worried some of my friends were when they couldn't get in touch right away with their family members. The girl who sat next to me in the class I was attending when the attacks happened, for instance, was worried about her father who worked in the Pentagon at the time. Another friend told me the next day about how her dad worked in the portion of the Pentagon that was hit, but at the last moment had decided to take the day off -- a potentially life saving decision.

In classes that day we all watched the news reports as they were coming in and simply didn't know how to respond. There were some tears out of fear for what might come in the future and some of sorrow for those who gave their lives. We were all moved as we heard from our president and Members of Congress sang God Bless America. If there was a bright side it was the pride we all felt in our country as we all came together in the weeks following that horrible day. I hope to see a day when we can have that much unity again but around a much more positive event.

Please feel free to share your memories of that fateful day.

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