Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video: Warner Calls Out Health Care Reform Opponents

I've had some concerns about Mark Warner's position on health care, but I like a lot of what he had to say in this interview. Especially how he highlights how there are some "outrageous scare tactics played by some of the anti-reform folks out there, saying that somehow healthcare reform is going to limit seniors and their choices or lead to euthanasia." Those tactics are simply unacceptable and I'm glad to see that Warner is standing up against them.

I'm also pleased to see that he is arguing that "there's a lot of misinformation about taking away health care, or some government bureaucrat in between you and your doctor" that needs to be corrected. The anti-reform advocates have done a good job of convincing the public that this "misinformation" is true and I strongly believe Warner and other commonsense leaders need to make sure they put out the correct information.

While he's saying some good things in his interview (which can be seen below) I think it's extremely important that people remind Warner that we need health care reform that includes a strong public option. Since the Senate will be in recess during the month of August and the anti-reform advocates have their mind set on disrupting town hall meetings, now would be a great time to give Warner that reminder.

(h/t Blue Virginia)

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