Thursday, August 20, 2009

Urge Jim Moran To Vote No On Any Bill That Doesn't Include A Strong Public Option

It appears as though Jim Moran could use a little reminder from his constituents that residents of Virginia's 8th Congressional District believe that we cannot truly have health care reform without a public option. According to NLS, Moran strongly supports a public option but won't rule out supporting a bill that doesn't have one.
Jim strongly supports a public option and will vote for any bill that includes one. However, he's not yet ready to say he will vote "No" on any bill that doesn't include a public option because there are a number of good reforms that could come out of conference committee even if the bill doesn't include a public option.
Since Ben went on to say that Moran wasn't ruling out signing onto the pledge, I agree that it's absolutely critical that residents of the 8th District call into his office and let him know that they support a public option. You can reach Moran's office by calling (202) 225-4376. Remember to be polite and thank him for supporting the public option so far, but urge him to also sign onto the pledge stating that he won't support a bill that doesn't include a strong public option.

It's also worth noting that Moran will be having a townhall meeting on August 25. The meeting, which will be held at South Lakes High School from 7 to 9pm, will also feature Howard Dean and is likely to be very crowded. I therefore urge people to show up early if possible so you can make sure you get a seat inside. I'm also hearing that people are planning to wear blue in order to show their support of the public option.

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