Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Open Thread

The services for Ted Kennedy yesterday were extremely moving and his passing appears to be the topic of discussion on many of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. On Meet the Press, for instance, David Gregory will have two of Kennedy's nieces (Maria Shriver and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend), two of his colleagues in the Senate (John Kerry and Chris Dood), one of his former advisers (Bob Shrum), and the presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

On the local scene here in Virginia, the reporting period for candidates ends tomorrow so there have been a lot of candidates holding events in hopes of producing good numbers. Since Labor Day is traditionally seen as when the general public starts to pay attention to races and campaigns really start kicking into gear, you could make the argument that it's very important for candidates to have a good reporting period so that they can show momentum heading into the homestretch and to pay for their final advertising blitzes and good voter contact programs.

Use this as an open thread for your thoughts.


  1. As usual, I will be in the studio for tonight's Inside Scoop. The show will be hosted by Inside Scoop's resident labor expert - Shannon Sullivan -- and will deal with a variety of topics that have been in the news recently.

  2. Apparently the event with Creigh Deeds at EC Lawerence Park went really well and there were about 50 canvassers or so that committed to action afterwards. Hopefully we'll see some folks really kick into action here in NOVA.