Monday, August 24, 2009

Steve Shannon Calls on Phil Hamilton to Resign

As a chain of emails has now been released essentially proves that Del. Phil Hamilton told ODU he wanted a certain position prior to submiting legislation in the General Assembly that would fund the position, there have been a number of people who have called for his resignation. Among those who believe that our Commonwealth cannot afford to pay for corrupt politicians to use their position purely for their own pocketbooks is Steve Shannon who released the following statement.
“I believe in a steady, level-headed approach to issues, which is why I wanted to take the weekend to think about Phil Hamilton’s behavior and statements. I have come to the conclusion that given the budget difficulties Virginia is facing and his powerful position in the appropriations and budget processes, I cannot see any way how his behavior can be plausibly explained.

The chain of emails now made public seems to indicate Delegate Hamilton was attempting to secure state funds for the creation of a new center at ODU while, at the same time, negotiating his financial terms of employment with this center that had not yet been created.

The bottom line is that Phil Hamilton appears to have attempted to use his position of public trust and taxpayers’ money to enrich himself.

While I agree with the sentiments of disappointment expressed by Speaker Howell and Bob McDonnell, only saying we’re disappointed doesn’t meet the seriousness of this situation, in my judgment.

I think Phil Hamilton needs to resign immediately, in order to ensure that Virginia maintains its reputation for honest government and fiscal responsibility."

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