Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Uses Ted Kennedy's Death To Score Political Points

As people received the news that Ted Kennedy had passed away, most people had kind words to say about his work for the American people no matter what they thought of his politics. You see, Ted Kennedy devoted his life to public service and those who knew him best repeatedly said that you could not ask for a better friend.

Despite the fact that our country is mourning the loss of such a great leader, Rush Limbaugh -- the voice of the Republican Party -- has apparently decided that he should use Kennedy's death in order to score some political points. He not only took cheap shots, but engaged in absolutely disgusting behavior as he continued to promote the lie that health care reform would result in the government deciding who receives treatment and forcing people to read "death books" and appear before "death panels."

I know there are many people out there who consider themselves to be Republicans and realize that this type of behavior is simply unacceptable. I sincerely hope that these reasonable Republicans eventually stand up to their party's leadership and tell them that using the death of a public servant as an opportunity to launch smears and blatant lies is absolutely horrible and shouldn't be done by anyone, let alone someone who is essentially the leader of one of our major political parties.

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