Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Open Thread

With just over 60 days left until the election, it appears as though Bob McDonnell's campaign is having some problems as everyone is talking about the thesis he wrote for his Master's. I guess it's rather obvious now that one of the reasons he's been trying to avoid his views on certain topics is because he's argued that working women are "detrimental" to society, said it's "illogical" for the Supreme Court to rule that married couples to be allowed to use contraception, and has been working on a 15 point action plan to advocate for the extreme right ever since he's been in elected office.

I suppose the question is whether this will be McDonnell's "macaca" moment like some people are trying the spin it? Use this to talk about that and other things on your mind.

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  1. I have a weird feeling that with all the national attention this has received at the beginning of the news week that we'll be seeing a lot of money coming into the Deeds campaign. Now while it's not going to help with this cycle I think it will in the coming months when it's really important. Also, I think this is gonna be something that McDonnell really can't shake because it is just soooooooo extreme.

    As a student I want to throw in a few more thoughts. I've seen enough college students throw together a major, end of the semester term paper in one night sometimes. Albeit not very good, but still get it's done. He uses the term "academic exercise" but any real student knows that a major, 99 page thesis paper is no "exercise" and takes a great deal of work. In my views, an "academic exercise" is like a 5-7 page paper submitted in a semester. Simple, to the point and done. A thesis paper, no.....Sorry.

    This gives the camapaign exactly what they need when showing moderates and independents the "true" Bob McDonnell. The fact that his legislative record essentially followed this almost to a letter is enough proof of the kind of Governor he is gonna be!