Friday, August 28, 2009

Mark Warner Won't Vote Against the Public Option

With the health care debate getting so much attention all across the country there has been a lot of attention on the Democrats who have expressed concern about the public option. Of course one of those is Virginia's own Mark Warner. While he is still far from saying that he won't support a bill that doesn't include a public option, according to Lowell over at Blue Virginia there is still some good news coming from his office as he apparently won't vote against legislation just because it does include a public option.
Well now, after just getting off the phone with Senator Warner's office, I can confirm that this is correct information - in the end, the public option is not a "make or break" for Warner one way or the other and he WILL vote for a health care reform bill with a public option in there.
What this means is that Virginians need to continue letting Warner's office know that they support a public option. If you're wondering what some of the benefits directly for Virginians could be, studies released by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce show that HR 3200 as it stands now will help 23,000 people who don't have health insurance in Virginia's 11th Congressional District obtain affordable health insurance. At the same time, it would help upwards of 16,800 small businesses in the 11th by providing them with tax credits. (Information on a district by district basis can be found on the Committee's website).

While we can celebrate a small victory on this, there is definitely more work to be done. Of course, the first step in that process is by calling Sen. Warner's office to urge him to support a public option. You can do so by calling 202-224-2023.

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  1. Warner's been getting a lot of pressure from both sides of the aisle on a lot of issues. A lot of my friends in labor have been talking nonstop about how he's wavering a lot on EFCA too. Any thoughts on that, Bryan?