Monday, August 3, 2009

Jody Wagner and Bill Bolling Are Disgracefull When It Comes To Working Families

As people across our country are dealing with an extremely tough economy there is no question that we need to elect leaders who will help stand up for working class families. Remarks made bythe chair of the Republican Party of Virginia that were quoted by the Record, however, make it clear that some people simply look down on the working class.
While speaking to people in Monterey last week, top McDonnell surrogate and Republican Party of Virginia chair Pat Mullins articulated a cynical and offensive view of the many Virginians struggling to find work as a result of Bush Administration economic policies:

"He ended his talk with a story about a Wise County insurance office that had to close two offices, not due to lack of work or the economy, but because it couldn't find employees. He said the employer tried to recruit employees at a nearby college campus. 'They preferred to be on welfare,' Mullins said.
These remarks really do provide us with a glimpse into what some people on the extreme right truly believe. In a time when Virginians are struggling to get by, the leaders of the Republican Party believe that anyone who has lost a job or is facing financial difficulties must have done something to deserve it. It couldn't possibly have been the fact that economic policies promoted by the Bush administration have created a situation where millions of people have lost their jobs. Needless to say, I think anyone with commonsense should express their strong disagreement with Mullins' comments.

Not too surprisingly, Jody Wagner's campaign sent out a statement calling for her opponent (Bill Bolling) to separate himself from Mullins' remarks. This would have been a good move if Jody didn't have a horrible record in regards to the working class or if she wasn't constantly sending out press releases that attack Bill Bolling but don't give any glimpse into what she'd do if elected.

This isn't the first time the Wagner campaign has completely lost a golden opportunity. I've had many conversations with Democratic activists who have no idea what she even stands for but when that's been brought up to the campaign it hasn't been received well at all. She even once accused someone of "persecuting" her for questioning the fact that she was a partner at a law firm that actively worked against workers and gave companies advice on how to prevent unions from forming in the workplace. In other words, Jody is constantly demanding that Bill Bolling take a position on controversies but then attacks people who question her own past. I'm sorry, but that's not action that will help earn my vote.

So here's what we really need. Bill Bolling needs to distance himself from Mullins and the other members of the extreme right. And Jody Wagner needs to offer up what she stands for and stop acting as though she has a perfect record. Then we could maybe have a good discussion about what the two would do once elected to stand up for working families. As it stands now, both candidates have utterly failed to illustrate why they deserve to be elected.


  1. I have to agree with you on this issue, thankfully, the LG position is not the most important. I believe the Gov. and AG races to be of greater importance this time around!

  2. The question about her ties to her former law firm is a VERY fair question and concern to raise. The response she gives when the issue is raised in very interesting, especially to me. Anyone who has dealt with that law firm knows it is one of the most notorious and ruthless in regards to labor organizations. A contact of mine who specializes in grievances has told me horror stories. Personally, I find it very hard to believe that you are a partner in the firm and did not know the reputation that the labor section had and did not agree with it. I think right now she'll saw whatever she needs to say but of course I'd like to see IF (even though she won't) get's a major labor endorsement how publicly she'll display it.

    She's been told by some major labor people that her race is of little importance right now in Virginia. They have noticed the EXACT same things Bryon wrote about and just don't want to waste the resources when both the Gov. and AG race and so much more important. It takes one labor hostile AG (Cooch) to roadblock any piece of legislation to come through, and Governor, well we already know what could happen.