Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Day For Healthcare Townhalls In Northern Virginia

Today is an active day in Virginia for the discussion surrounding health care reform. Gerry Connolly will be speaking with members of the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield. Apparently they are expecting a decent size crowd as they had already had an almost capacity crowd RSVP some time ago.

Of course, in Reston tonight there's going to be an event at South Lakes High School with Jim Moran and Howard Dean. Apparently the room can hold upwards of 2,500 people and it's expected to fill up rather quickly. The event is supposed to start at 7 with doors opening at 6 and many of the emails that I have received about it suggest that you arrive around 5 to make sure that you're actually able to get in. Just as an FYI, it's also worth noting that if you support a public option you should wear blue. That's just one way that people are trying to show solidarity behind reform that would truly benefit the American public and not just the pocketbooks of the insurance companies.

I'm going to be at both events to provide some coverage. I'm going to have both my flip video camera and a still camera and will be trying to get some interviews with both panel members and people in the audience so that I can put up some useful reaction tomorrow. Of course, if you're going to be at either event and want to give me your reaction feel free to talk to me at the events or get in touch with me afterwards.

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  1. kudos for taking the time to go participate. hope the event is positive and that the voice of the people is not just heard but LISTENED TO on this issue.