Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Need for Action Regarding Gerry Connolly and Health Care Reform

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have some disagreements with Gerry Connolly on the issue of health care reform. However, his office pointed myself and several other bloggers towards an interview that he did on CBS which goes a little more in depth about his views on the state of the legislation. Here's the video of that interview.

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I think this video helps to show that Gerry is interested in getting something done on health care reform. At the same time, it also goes to show that his constituents need to let him know their views on how we should go about paying for health care reform. One idea that many residents of the 11th District have told me they support is the possibility of offsetting some of the cost would to have a small tax increase on a very small proportion of the super rich.

While I imagine nobody would be excited about paying more taxes, this method of paying for reform would actually help everyone as we are either going to pay for health care reform now or pay for it with interest down the road. In other words, the best financial option for those super rich families would actually be to have a slight increase in their taxes now or else they'll join everyone in having to pay for the enormous costs of waiting to reform our health care system. I therefore encourage everyone to make sure that they let Rep. Connolly's office know they support legislation that acts now and doesn't leave the burden of health care reform on future generations, even if it means there's a slight tax increase on the super rich. You can do so by calling (202) 225-1492 or sending an email here.

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