Monday, July 6, 2009

They're Singing About Economist Paul Krugman

For all those folks who have a slight case of the Mondays after the holiday weekend, Karen from Anonymous is a Woman has a video that is entertaining. It's a video of Loudon Wainwright singing about how he gets the "Krugman Blues," a clear play on the nobel-prize winning Paul Krugman who has a reputation of telling it like it is during his columns for the New York Times, various books, and his appearances on television shows.

Krugman, for instance, wrote an op-ed piece a few days ago which called for the Obama administration to increase the stimulus or else we might be bound to repeating some of the mistakes our government made during the Great Depression in the 1930's. Even if we don't increase the stimulus, Krugman is right that we need more investment in programs that would look out for the best interests of working families -- health care reform perhaps being the topic that's received the most public attention as of late. Despite the necessity of these investments, some people might get the blues after realizing we need to invest a lot up front to prevent things from getting worse and actually improving our economy in the long run. So, with that in mind, I posting the video of Loudon Wainwright that Karen had up over the weekend.

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