Monday, July 6, 2009

Steve Shannon Travels Throughout Southwest Virginia on 4th of July Weekend

On the 4th of July last year I spoke with Steve Shannon at the Vienna Festival for a long time about various topics facing the local community and the Commonwealth as a whole. At that point, it was rumored that he would be the Democratic nominee for Attorney General but he was still concentrating his efforts on representing his district in the House of Delegates. As people were continuously stopping by to talk with Steve, it became extremely apparent that the folks in the Vienna area appreciated all the work that he had been doing for them. During this year’s Independence Day weekend it appears as though people from all over Virginia are responding well to Steve’s campaign for Attorney General.

Traveling throughout Southwest Virginia, Steve visited 8 different towns, 6 different fairs, and participated in two parades during the holiday weekend. As someone who spent a fair amount of time in SWVA during the Lt. Governor primary, I can tell you that Steve’s message is one that will do very well in the region if he makes a strong effort to reach out to the hard working families there. These events are definitely one way of doing it, as well as reaching out to the media outlets which Steve did by being interviewed on TV in three different markets -- Bristol, Roanoke, Bluefield – which together cover over 1 million people in Virginia.

One of the interesting things I always found while traveling in Southwest was how there were times when I was closer to numerous other state capitals than I was to Richmond (let alone my home in Fairfax County). Steve probably had a similar situation as he made a stop in Norton which is about 15 miles from the Kentucky border. A source with an in depth knowledge of Steve’s campaign told me that while Steve clearly understands the importance of SWVA and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to residents of towns such as Norton, Ken Cuccinelli didn’t have a strong presence in the region at all. In fact, my source said that “All we ever saw of Ken was a sign on a pickup truck and a sign in a Republican booth in Norton.”

I’m very glad to see that Steve Shannon’s campaign for Attorney General has been receiving a strong welcome all across our great Commonwealth. While he obviously has built up a significant amount of support in his home base of Northern Virginia, I think spending time in other parts of Virginia like he did this holiday weekend will greatly help him with his bid to be our next AG.


  1. People really don't know this fellow, Shannon. Does anyone know of any significant accomplishments, in the Assembly or elsewhere? Especially of interest is if he has done anything to actually ENHANCE our liberty? Also, some have asked how a man can reach the age of thirty-six and still not have a family. It seems that most Virginians are wary of electing a bachelor to statewide office.

    Ken Cuccinelli has a fine family and would be, at least on that point, an exemplar to fathers all across the Commonwealth.

    Perhaps Shannon can get married and adopt a couple of kids before November, just to even things out on the family issue.

  2. J Tyler,
    This is yet another example of how you and other members of the far right jump to conclusions before you have all the facts. Despite your baseless claims, Steve is married to a wonderful woman named Abby who actually gave birth to their third child just a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows Steve knows he is a dedicated father and has a great family.

    In regards to what he's done, well let's keep right along the family theme. Along with his wife, Steve helped to create the Washington DC Metro area AMBER alert which is a program that helps to find missing children.

  3. Tyler,

    Is your comment meant as a joke? They have this great website now called 'Google'. Check it out.

    In addition to what Bryan wrote, Steve is the only former prosecutor in this race.

  4. "some have asked how a man can reach the age of thirty-six and still not have a family. It seems that most Virginians are wary of electing a bachelor to statewide office."

    This is wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin.

    1. The formulation "some have asked" is classic when you have no evidence whatsoever to back up your claim. If someone asked, say who it was and why they asked. If not, then don't say it. Period.

    2. A quick search of "teh Google" tells us that Steve Shannon was born on April 5, 1971, making him...quick math here...38 years old, not "thirty-six." Maybe you're talking about a different "Steve Shannon?"

    3. "and still not have a family"
    Another quick search of "teh Google" tells us not only that Steve Shannon is married (to Abigail Suzanne Hochberg) but that he has children as well (Aidan, Clare Elizabeth). Once again, nice try.

    4. "how a man can reach the age of thirty-six and still not have a family."
    Very easily, there are tons of people who don't have children, and many who don't get married by age 36 (or ever). Steve Shannon isn't one of those people, but please tell us why we should care in the least bit about this?

    In general, I agree with Bryan that "This is yet another example of how you and other members of the far right jump to conclusions before you have all the facts." Lame.

  5. Just a follow-up on the original post:
    The questions are sincere and, thanks to your posts here, some of questions are getting answered. These sorts of informative posts/dialogues, along with updates made on the Shannon website, are helping me and the rest of Virginia to learn more about, "...this fellow, Shannon."

    I am still searching for some specifics regarding where he has ever stepped-up to the plate to try and enhance our liberty.

    As for Mr. Cuccinelli, all I have seen about his prior legislative actions indicate that he has been happy to hand over increasing amounts of power to government, especially the federal government, at the expense of the citizens. As always, if anyone knows of some exceptions where Mr. Cuccinelli has gone to bat for the working class, then please, by all means, share that information by posting here, or on other blogs.

    To Bryan: I have never been invited to be a member of the "far right." My views are generally libertarian, but I support good governance candidates regardless of their party label. That is why I was asking questions about Shannon; there just wasn't much out on the web prior to my original post and there is still not very much, so anything constructive that folks can add to the blogosphere, about any of our statewide candidates will be helpful.