Monday, July 13, 2009

Scott Surovell Raised Over $80,000

Scott Surovell, who is running for the House of Delegates from the 44th District announced earlier today that he has race over $80,000 during the last reporting period. What makes this sum even more impressive is the fact that he raised this money in just 7 days and did so by reaching out to a large number of people who personally know of his strong work ethic and dedication to public service.
Surovell, a native of the Mt. Vernon area, raised $82,280 in monetary contributions the last week in June and ended the reporting period with $81,724 cash on hand. He received contributions from 266 donors, averaging $308.16. One hundred seventy‐two donors, roughly two‐thirds, gave $100 or less to the Surovell for Delegate Campaign.

This compares with Surovell’s opponent who raised approximately $25,000 in cash from 58 donors over 47 days excluding approximately $20,000 in self‐funded cash.

Surovell benefits from his deep roots in Mt. Vernon and Virginia, drawing on support from family, high school, college, law school, professional, political friendships, and families Surovell has known through his community involvement and his children’s activities. Thirty six percent of contributions or $30,010 from 70 donors came from within the 44th District.
While the financial numbers aren't everything in a Delegate race, I think this announcement provides us with a prime example of how Surovell has been able to rally some of his supporters during the initial stages of his campaign. As the race continues, I look forward to hearing some of what Scott hopes to do for his district if he's elected to the House of Delegates. The financial numbers are everything when investing in the stock market, and CFDs are a cost effective way to trade global markets.

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