Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jody Wagner On the Attack, But Forgot She Did Same Thing As Sarah Palin

Earlier today I wrote about how the Wagner campaign should have focused on what Jody would do if elected Lt. Governor instead of playing the blame game with Bill Bolling. It turns out that they didn’t believe it was important to focus on the issues and released a statement which essentially blamed Bill Bolling for the economic crisis and tried to connect him to the toxic Gov. Sarah Palin. Well, that plan isn’t very good since Sarah Palin is currently taking a lot of heat right now for doing exactly the same thing that Jody Wagner did regarding her most recent job.

Sarah Palin is currently receiving criticism because she bailed out her job as governor right as the pressure was getting too much for her. Just weeks before Gov. Tim Kaine announced that we were going to have to make huge cuts here in Virginia, however, Jody Wagner essentially did the same thing as she quit her job as Secretary of Finance. While she wasn’t completely responsible for the economic downturn here in Virginia, you would think that a Secretary of Finance who was truly good at her job would have stayed on board to try and help the Kaine Administration during this tough period. That’s not the case with Jody as she quit right when things got tough and then proceeded to claim her experience in that job as the reason she should be elected.

I noticed this connection yesterday and was actually going to let it slide because Jody hadn’t attacked Bolling or the GOP about their connection to Palin. Now that Wagner and her campaign manager Elisabeth Pearson have asked Bill Bolling "to clarify remarks made yesterday regarding his willingness to welcome Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to Virginia,” I think it’s time we draw attention to Jody’s hypocrisy. After all, if we’re going to criticize Palin for bailing on her commitment to Alaskans we need to do the same thing when Wagner did it to Virginians. Resigning just because things are getting tough and you want to move on to higher office is unacceptable no matter what party you belong to.

Jody Wagner and her campaign need to move on and focus on what’s in the best interests of Virginia.


  1. Bob McDonnell bailed out too-in fact the only candidate that kept working is Creigh Deeds.

  2. Bryan, I agree with you that the Wagner campaign will need to focus more on what she would do as Lt. Governor.

    But she did not bail out on Virginia after serving less than one term. In fact, Jody served as state treasurer from 2002 to 2006, and then as Secretary of Finance from January of 2006 to August of 2008. That's about six years of serving Virginia. Considerably more time than the less than four years that Palin put in. And subtract from that time the months Palin actually wasn't in Alaska because she was on the campaign trail with McCain.

    It is apples and oranges. Plus, I'm not sure a state cabinet member can campaign and remain in the cabinet. I know at the national level, a secretary or assistant secretary would have to resign to run for office.

  3. Nonsense. Jody served seven years as Treasurer of Virginia and then Secretary of Finance. She saw Virginia through tough economic times and maintained our credit rating. Then she decided to seek higher office and it was appropriate for her to resign her cabinet position. She couldn't serve in the cabinet and campaign full time and she would have been criticized if she tried. Likewise, Bob McDonnell followed Virginia precedent in resigning as Attorney General prior to running for governor. Jody has nothing in common with Sarah.

  4. Isn't it different when a candidate resigns because she is running for election? All sorts of candidates have done that, including Bob Dole. I would assume Wagner resigned so that she could devote herself to her campaign for Lt. Gov. Why did Palin resign? Nobody seems to know.

    Also, it's just a bad idea to try to link Wagner and Palin in any way. There is no comparison. I've heard Wagner speak and have been very impressed with her knowledge of state issues and, of course, budgetary issues, down to the nitty-gritty level of detail. On the other hand, according to Vanity Fair, Palin goes mute and looks bored the minute discussions at meetings get into the actual substance.

    The Wagner campaign was probably just responding to the issues of the day -- the national news has been all about Palin (and Jackson) for almost a week solid. And now the media is asking this question: will the VA R's invite her to campaign for them? Jody responded to that issue. But I watched her in the primary and she does focus on the issues, even when her opponent tries to bait her off-message. She's a high-quality candidate -- the kind of person we really do need in government right now. She's no Sarah Palin. Thank God.

  5. With all of the emails and phone calls I've received about this post and comments that were left here, I have yet to have anyone give me example of specific action that JODY took that qualifies her to be Lt. Governor. Some people claim that there's no comparison to Sarah Palin and that Jody is supposedly such a better candidate, but then are unable to actually give specific example of what SHE's done -- not Kaine and Warner -- to dismiss that.

    That is my main point here. You might disagree that her actions here are similar to those of Sarah Palin's, but she brought on the comparison by going negative instead of trying to give even a basic example of what she's specifically done. If she's going to constantly ignore the issues and simply go negative, she's going to hurt the entire Democratic ticket.