Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Sarah Palin Coming to Virginia?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about how Sarah Palin decided to bail on her responsibility to Alaska and quite her job as the state's governor. There have been various rumors floating around about she decided to not follow through on her commitment to Alaskans, but nobody is quite sure what to expect because the announcement came out of the blue and she gave a large number of vague excuses during her resignation speech. Since she might be under the absurd belief that she has a chance of becoming president, one rumor is that Palin wants to travel around the country helping other candidates in a desperate attempt to increase her national profile.

Of course, one candidate who would need some help is Bob McDonnell -- the Republican nominee for governor right here in Virginia. Since there are only two gubernatorial races taking place this year, one would assume that Virginia would be on Palin's radar if she truly is trying to increase her national profile. As the Washington Post points out, this possibility isn't just speculation as Palin already has pledged to support McDonnell's bid for Virginia's top office.
Bob McDonnell, Virginia's Republican gubernatorial nominee, attended a meeting of the Republican Governor's Association late last year. Many governors, including Palin, Rick Perry (Tex.) and Charlie Crist (Fla.), pledged to help him.

McDonnell's campaign has not heard from Palin's staff to set up a specific event, but it's been made pretty clear in recent days she plans to spend some time here this fall.
I think it says a lot about McDonnell that he's willing to campaign with someone who promotes an extreme right agenda, has been through several ethics investigations, and cannot follow through on her responsibilities. It's also worth noting that Palin claimed that lame-duck governors don't do any good for their constituents. Considering that Governors in Virginia cannot run for reelection, someone should ask her if she thinks Bob McDonnell could actually do any good if elected. Since McDonnell is openly associating with her, it would be a legitimate question.

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